Sharon Kestler

Sharon Kestler, MS, LPC, NBCCH
Counselor, Educator, Minister, Speaker

"Sharon, you always have a way of making me feel at ease. You reassured me that everything is going to be OK ... Thank you for being such a calming factor and opening my eyes to possibilities."   Julie P. - NY

"Your CD is GREAT! So relaxing and the music just takes me away. Super way to start my day, reminding me to stay focused and calm. Thank You so much..."   Josh R. - ND
"Sharon, thank your for making your CD available to us, it is a great tool for decluttering the mind ... My health of body, mind and spirit, stand at attention and salute you."   Sandi M. - PA
"You seemed completely focused on me and answered all my questions. ...If ever the opportunity presents itself I will definitely send people your way! You are the 'Real Deal'."   Tim F. – PA
"Sharon ...has amazing insight and led me and my family through the good and bad times in our life. Her talent is a gift from God and the angels."   Andrea F.- FL
"Thank you, Sharon, for the blessing that you have been to me ... Your gentle and quiet sensibilities can calm a troubled spirit! "   Sandy K. - PA
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